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Founder of She Commands, motivational speaker, author, and mindset coach helping women achieve their goals without overwhelm and burnout so they can live a life filled with joy, authenticity, and purpose!  A New York Native who gave up her apple for a Georgia peach. 

Before you click away, LEAN IN.


The truth is I didn't always have this business, a relationship with the highest power, or confidence within. 

In fact, four years ago you would have found me on the floor of my tiny NY apartment in tears because I was overworked, underappreciated, and STRESSED. I was completely confused about my purpose in life and even questioned my existence. I thought I had the perfect job, partner, and life..but as I continued to check off the items on my society-created to do list the more depressed and anxious I became.


I am probably basking in the sun or on my yoga mat meditating and imagining all the different ways I can help my clients achieve success, abundance, and divine alignment!

If you’re ready to free yourself from burnout and live a life without hustle, then let's get this party started!

 As the tears streamed down my face I suddenly blurted out "I KNOW I AM MEANT FOR MORE". At that very moment, I made a list of the things keeping me from my happiness, one being my job. I developed a plan and a few months later handed in my resignation letter, and the rest is history.