If you've found your way here, I want you to know one thing straight up – breakups?

Yeah, they suck. I get it, truly. Been there, felt the sting of betrayal, and had to pick up the pieces scattered all around me. Trust me, it felt like I'd lost everything.

Amid my heartbreak, drowning in a mix of sadness and anger, I realized that no one really understood the depth of my pain. Instead of staying stuck in that misery, I took the plunge into self-discovery. I decided to rebuild the one relationship that should always stand strong – the one with myself!

Fast forward, and guess what? I went from shattered to shining! I even penned down a best-seller, "Say Yes to You," and transformed my confidence to Beyoncé levels. It took a few books, some sleepless nights, and a couple of anxiety attacks, but hey, I got the message loud and clear from the universe.

Now, I created She Commands because I want to walk this healing and self-exploration journey with you. Together, we'll navigate away from the f-boys and dodge the tornado they bring into our lives.

Why? Because you deserve a man who not only listens to your ideal dates but goes out of his way to plan them.

A man who's trustworthy and honest and doesn't play hide-and-seek with his phone.

A man who speaks from the heart and isn't afraid of deepening the connection.

I know, it's tough. Trust me, this was one of the hardest chapters of my life. But here's the deal – I made it through, and so will you.

If you're ready to embrace love again but find yourself hesitating to trust and open your heart, girl, it's time to tap in! Let's do this journey together.


I am probably basking in the sun or running around with my son and imagining all the different ways I can help my clients heal from heartbreak!

My dear sis, I want the same for you!

Today I look back and see a woman who was stuck in a dark place alone and confused. If I could go back in time I would tell her: one day your tears would dry and you would find love again. One day you would COMMAND your power and Say Yes to the woman in the mirror!

My healing journey is not linear but if I had a process that would have allowed me to move from heartbreak to healed in 3 simple steps I would have taken it because I had spent over 5 years carrying the baggage of grief until I finally released it and moved on. My 3-step system will expedite your healing journey. Allow me to walk alongside you and help you on this journey.

Because sis you don't have to do it alone!