In the fall of 2015.. I remember coming home from my soul-sucking job and sitting down in the corner of my apartment and asking myself, where do I go from here?


I looked at my reflection through the window watching the streams of tears flow down my face not knowing exactly how my life took a quick turn for the worst. 


Although at the time I had a job that was paying me close to 80K a year. I was still unhappy and felt a sense of unease consume me every time I walked through my office doors.


What I  now know to be high levels of anxiety and depression. On this day I wiped my tears and decided that something needed to change. 


I knew that I couldn’t continue to exchange my time for a paycheck.


I knew that I no longer could stand around and wait for permission to pursue my dreams.


I knew in this exact moment that I was meant for MORE and the beauty was that I could ask for MORE.

That is when the self-doubt began to kick in. Telling me “I am such a failure” “who do I think I am to do something outside of the box” “I am not worthy” and the kicker to my gut “I am not smart enough” 


I could have tucked my tail in and succumbed myself to these limiting beliefs but instead on this day I began my journey towards my own Sacred Awakening. 

That's why I have created this amazing 1:1 Program for YOU- the woman who is ready to work on your own terms and not have to answer to anybody (but yourself).
Here’s what I know about you:
You work a 9-5 job, but you’re ready for more.


And sure, you have a sense of security & you can’t complain about the direct deposit that hits your bank account like clockwork every week.

But the truth?
You know you have so much more to offer.

You’re unsatisfied, exhausted, and unhappy.

And to be honest, you’re terrified your talents are being wasted at your day job and the world might never see them if you don’t break away soon.

Let’s be real: It’s not just the job that’s a problem. You don’t have a life outside your job, either. You have no time for your family or friends. And when was the last time you had time for you?

But there is a glimmer of hope…

Because you know there’s something shifting in the way people work.

You know there are people out there taking advantage of the digital age we live in and using it to revamp their lifestyles.

You’ve noticed people making money online, on their own terms, and on their own timeline.

You know in your heart you could totally do what they do. (You’ve always had a passion for helping and educating others, too!)

And you find yourself wondering more and more what would really happen if you quit your job and committed to the work-for-yourself life.


No doubt, you feel time slipping away. And you know that if you ever want to try your hand at the freelance life, you need to do it fast.

But you also have bills to pay, a little one on the way (or just in your way) and you’re equally as scared to make the leap as you are not to.

Sound familiar?  Well, good news…

You Don’t Have to Be Stuck in Your 9-5 Forever and YES, there is a Better Way to Live Life and Make Money!!

But before I tell you how, I want you to take just a moment to really think about what your life would be like.

Imagine a life full of creative freedom like you’ve never had before.

Imagine working a schedule that fits your lifestyle. (Talk about having the flexibility to go from shopping at ZARA's before the crowded rush to grocery shopping, all while getting paid.)  

Imagine breaking away from a “fixed salary” and working a “job” where the sky’s the limit when it comes to income. (Are you feeling dollar signs yet?)

And imagine getting to do meaningful work that you actually love doing!

Now, if you’re ready to stop wasting your time, potential, and energy in a day job that drains you, it’s time to learn how to set up a successful business quickly, efficiently and without breaking the bank.


During this 6-week training, I’m going to show you the exact steps you need to go from a draining day job to a fulfilled entrepreneur, so you can make money on your own time, your own way, and at your own pace. This intensive program will walk you in detail by setting up an impressive online presence from scratch quickly, including:

  • Setting up a fabulous website that impresses your soul clients

  • Creating a strong brand identity that differentiates you from other freelancers in your niche, right from the start

  • Pricing your services so they’re competitive but not cheap

  • Setting up an easy, one-page marketing plan for landing your first clients fast

Sound like something that could change the way you “work” forever? Awesome. Here’s exactly what’s in store for you in this one-2-one intensive program.


A 60-minute onboarding call where you will feel spiritually, emotionally supported to achieve your biggest business + life goals ($500 VALUE)

Five (5) 75-min 1:1 sessions where we will go in-depth in learning:

  • How to identify and define what makes you different–so you appeal to the right clients, right away.

  • Step-by-step instructions for whipping up compelling website copy–without laboring over every word for weeks.

  • How to create high-quality mock ups, case studies, and other sample pieces–if your work history is a little on the light side.

  • How to properly position your brand and offer–and determine what your market is willing and able to pay.

  • Determining your ideal lead capture and nurture system–so you can bring in the right people fast and feed your business for life!

  • Map Out Your High-End $3000, $5000, and Even $10,000 Package Offers

($2500 VALUE)

Weekly Course Material + Workbooks: Because the real magic happens when you take what you learn and apply it to YOU. Everything is designed to be customized to help you dive deep into your specific business. ($450 VALUE)


Productivity to Profit VID: A 4- hour Virtual Implementation Day (VID) to plan your individual 30-day biz plan so you can simplify your biz and profit! ($1750 VALUE)

ON-SITE! self-paced course: A 4 module course created to help you write your 4 key pages of website content to achieve maximum engagement and conversion. ($1250 VALUE)

But that's not all...I will design you a customized website using Wix. You will receive:


The perfect solution for new and aspiring entrepreneurs


($2500 VALUE)



 3 x 60-minute private boost your confidence in biz activations
1 x remote review of your offer and funnel by Emi
($1250 VALUE)

This Is For You If:

You’re ready to get your soul biz up and running in less time than it takes to plan a marvelous vacation


You're ready to become your own boss – and create more job satisfaction, free time, and money than you ever could working full-time!

You’re not sure how to create a compelling website or copy that mesmerizes your customers

You’re ready to make money from your business from simple marketing and content 

You're ready to go from self-doubt to self-confidence in 4 easy steps 

If this sound's like you then this course is for you.

And the best part is that it's literally just one click away!

By the End of The SOUL'D OUT experience you will:

Have a brand, website, and sales copy that appeals to your clients to consistantly buy from you.

Easily create a social proof portfolio that you love and clients can trust–even if your work experience is a little light.

Develop an irresistable offer and price it in a way that still honors your self-worth.

Create a core message that supports your brand–and will easily attract (and retain) the right clients.


Have a lead capture and nurture system–so you can bring in the right people fast and feed your business for life!

I know you feel like now is your time. And I promise that if you implement what I teach inside this program, your life could be dramatically different in just 45 days.


This program will provide you with the exact tools and techniques you need to hit the ground running and go from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur in no time.

Can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Meet Your Sacred Guide

Hey, I’m Emi!


I’m a certified Master life and success coach, NLP, hypnosis, and EFT practitioner on a mission to help ambitious female professionals to make their first 5K month without a large audience and complicated strategy so they can leave their cubical behind them. 

I created Soul'd Out because I’ve always been the type of person to have bigger than life goals but allowed my mind to be trapped by shame, self-doubt, and fear that I convinced myself that my dreams were unrealistic.


When I finally decided that enough was enough and that I get to choose happiness daily is when everything finally clicked. Because of this commitment to self... I’ve had the opportunity to: 

Write and publish my amazing book “Say Yes to You”. Which was featured by the Huffington Post


Be invited to speak on top of countless stages to help empower and elevate women.

Quit my job and reconnect with the love of my life in Georgia

Receive the NY Citation of Merit award for my community activism 

And live a life filled with love, abundance, and simplicity!

I don't just coach... I do the deep inner work and practice myself so I can lead by example and share from a place of personal experience and growth.

So if you are ready for true transformation and are ready to take action then buckle up cause you are going for the ride of your life!


Emi is so knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable straight away!

Before working with Emi I was having trouble believing in myself. I have tried journals and other methods before, but I struggled to stick to it. During our session together Emi helped me to truly explain my ‘why’ for my business which gave me the motivation I needed to Thrive. Emi is a beautiful soul! I loved every minute we worked together, I have never felt so relaxed and so at ease.. She truly made me feel so peaceful! For anyone thinking about booking a session I say go for it! Because in a short period of time Emi was able to intuitively help me discover everything I needed answers to!

Tori H.

Small Business Coach


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