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In the fall of 2015.. I remember coming home from my soul-sucking job and sitting down in the corner of my apartment and asking myself, where do I go from here?


I looked at my reflection through the window watching the streams of tears flow down my face not knowing exactly how my life took a quick turn for the worst. 


Although at the time I had a job that was paying me close to 80K a year. I was still unhappy and felt a sense of unease consume me every time I walked through my office doors.


What I now know to be high levels of anxiety and depression. On this day I wiped my tears and decided that something needed to change. 


I knew that I couldn’t continue to exchange my time for a paycheck.


I knew that I no longer could stand around and wait for permission to pursue my dreams.


I knew in this exact moment that I was meant for MORE and the beauty was that I could ask for MORE.

That is when the self-doubt began to kick in. Telling me “I am such a failure” “who do I think I am to do something outside of the box” “I am not worthy” and the kicker to my gut “I am not smart enough” 


I could have tucked my tail in and succumbed myself to these limiting beliefs but instead, on this day I began my journey towards my own Sacred Awakening. That is why I created this amazing program....


Sacred Awakening Tribe is a 6-week immersive coaching program for ambitious women who are ready to experience freedom as their new reality. Withing 5 weeks you will learn  how to reprogram your mind, create crystal clear goals and embody the woman you want to become so you can generate abundance in all aspects of your life!

This is sacred space will give you the opportunity to connect with your highest self, expand consciousness, and reach your untapped potential with a community of women who share similar life experiences.


It’s where you will be given the tools to release negative emotions and call in abundance by creating a deeper understanding of yourself!


The best part is, you receive access to life-changing content from the comfort of your own home, in a way that fits your lifestyle.

This Is For You If:

You’re holding back and playing small because your more afraid of what people will recieve the actual you!

You’re ready to make shame, guilt and self-doubt a thing of the past.

You’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or unseen. Unable to give back to others without feeling depleted. 

You’re sick and tired of following society's rules of succes and are ready to create your own. All because you know you are meant for MORE.


You're busy grinding and hustling, but are ready to achieve flow and freedom.

I've got good news... I am here for you!


Well not only do I have over 8 years of experience as a professional counselor, but I also know the struggles of having limiting beliefs and have had the pleasure of overcoming them. 


In this 6 week program you’ll:

Learn how to embody your inner queen so you can show up with power, integrity, and confidence.

Uplevel your mindset and finally live a "YES" life now. T​ravel more. launch that business, share your message, move into your new home. why wait.

Finally make time for yourself and develop new habits that fit into your current lifestyle so you can tap back into the creativity you lost along the way.

Let go of people-pleasing habits & start prioritizing yourself without feeling guilty.


Heal your relationships. It's time you live your life on your own terms, set boundaries, and protect your energy like never before. 

But above all else…..


By owning your worth and learning new patterns 

Living for everyone else
Leading your life like the Queen that you are
Being stuck in self-doubt and self sabatoge
Listen to your intuition and take your next steps with confidence
Repeating the same old patterns keeping you stuck
Owning you sacred identity, power, and life you've been cravin all along

You'll Learn:

This week you'll learn exactly how your brain processes information and how you can create a clear pathway to make your dreams a reality. We’ll also dive deep into your values, mission, and beliefs. No longer waste time on things that do not serve us!
This week we'll ditch self-doubt and comparison for good! You will create crystal clear goals for your life and develop a why statement that motivates you to achieve your goals. You will learn my OAR Technique to help you manifest your dreams faster and potently, quantum leaping you to your success! 
This week I’ll teach you how to release any guilt and shame keeping you from taking inspired action. It's time to eliminate what no longer serves you and create space in your life. You’ll experience true freedom from letting go of deep wounds caused by others or situations. 
This week you'll see yourself and life open up and positive experiences start flowing in because of the beautiful precious space you have created. You will create non-negotiables for your life and create basic guidelines to ensure that your relationships are mutually respectful, appropriate, and caring. 
This week we’ll create your next level identity and step into the highest version of yourself. The tools provided will help you create anything you desire to have in your life. You will also get my energy-releasing for success meditation so you can feel empowered at any given moment.  
The struggle ends when gratitude begins. You’ll learn to view your life in a new light by assessing all of the wonderful things you currently have. We’ll develop and cultivate healthy daily self-care rituals & routines so you can live with intention and manifest daily a life that brings you joy.

Meet Your Sacred Guide

Hey, I’m Emi!


I’m a certified Certified Life and Success Coach, NLP, Hypnosis, and EFT practitioner on a mission to help ambitious women disrupt their limiting beliefs so they can crush their goals and build their legacy. 

I created Sacred Awakening Tribe because I’ve always been the type of person to have bigger than life goals but allowed my mind to be trapped by shame, self-doubt, and fear that I convinced myself that my dreams were unrealistic.


When I finally decided that enough was enough and that I get to choose happiness daily is when everything finally clicked. Because of this commitment to self... I’ve had the opportunity to: 

Receive the NY Citation of Merit award for my community activism 

Write and publish my amazing book “Say Yes to You”. Which was featured by the Huffington Post


Be invited to speak on top of countless stages to help empower and elevate women.

Quit my job and reconnect with the love of my life in Georgia

And live a life filled with love, abundance, and simplicity!

I don't just coach... I teach from experience. Every lesson, every worksheet, every deep dive practive I introduce to you I can proudly say I have done myself. I lead by example and share from a place of personal experience and growth.


I am on a mission to help women reprogram their minds from what society expects from them to courageously rise to the power within!

No longer check off society's list for what makes a successful woman, just simply start waking up every morning making it your best ever!

I want to help YOU achieve the same!

What's Included:



Чем вы лучше частных мастеров?

Большинство действительно хороших частных мастеров уже заняты работой, их передают "сарафанным радио" из рук в руки. Их услуги зачастую стоят дороже, чем в фирмах и заказы расписаны на месяцы вперед. Дешевый же частник - это большой риск. И дело не только в квалификации. Очень распространены случаи, когда "частник" бросает начатый объект и уходит на более крупный заказ. Его заработок носит спонтанный характер и ему выгонее пойти делать квартиру (или уехать на заработки в Москву), чем доделывать какую-то ванную. К нам очень часто обращаются люди, оставшиеся без мастера, с "разобранными" санузлами. Мы отбираем своих мастеров по более чем 30 контрольным вопросам и параметрам, изучаем их предыдущие работы. Прошедших отбор, мы обеспечиваем стабильным, достойным заработком. Специализация на одном выбранном направлении - ремонте ванных комнат и санузлов, а также внутренние технические требования нашего сервиса к работам серьезно повышают квалификацию мастеров. Благодаря всему этому, мы гарантируем высокое качество производимых работ по ценам на уровне хорошего "частника".

Сколько времени займет ремонт?

Сроки проведения работ в каждом случае индивидуальны и зависят от ряда факторов - состояния стен, коммуникаций, площади помещения и необходимости производства дополнительных улучшений. В среднем, ремонт раздельного санузла (ванная + туалет) занимает 14-20 дней, совмещенного - 10-14 дней. Часто в рекламных объявлениях можно увидеть гораздо более сжатые сроки. Скорее всего, речь идет не о капитальном, а о косметическом ремонте, без подготовки поверхностей и разводки труб. Или при производстве работ допускаются нарушения технологии. Нельзя, к примеру, класть плитку на невысохшую штукатурку или оставлять на стенах краску. Велика вероятность, что плитка отойдет, в лучшем случае, через пару лет. Приведенные нами сроки основываются на соблюдении всех технологических процессов.

Можно ли будет пользоваться туалетом и ванной во время ремонта?

Туалетом можно будет пользоваться. При проведении работ мастер демонтирует унитаз, но в жилых квартирах ставит его на место в конце рабочего дня или по просьбе заказчика. Ванна может быть недоступна 5-7 дней.

Как быстро вы можете приступить к работам?

Как правило, в срок от нескольких дней до недели после подписания договора. В период повышенного спроса время ожидания может увеличиться до двух-трех недель.

Какие материалы мы должны приобрести к началу ремонта?

Вы можете закупить только плитку, сантехнику и аксессуары. Все черновые стройматериалы (плиточный клей, штукатурные и цементные смеси, грунтовку, трубы, фитинги и прочее) по вашему желанию мы закупим сами и организуем их доставку перед началом работ.

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