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Your Struggle Births Purpose

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

How often do we plan things for our lives? How many times do we say, "Lord, I trust your plan," but we continue to go with our own? And when our plan doesn't workout, we panic. Over the years, I've learned that God's plan is greater and our faith in him, should keep us grounded and hopeful for greater manifestation. My true journey began my senior year in college, just before graduation. I started pre-planning how life after college would proceed forth. I knew what job I was going to have, where I would be living and where I would be staying. I was ready for a change. I was dealing with the anxiety of moving to another state and getting over a heartbreak from a three year relationship, IT WAS TIME FOR A CHANGE.

Fast forward, couple months later, July, summer of 2007, i attended a church service one night(I needed it) and while I was sitting in service, I got this strong sense that I needed to move back home. At the time, I couldn't understand why! I didn't want to move back home. It was such a heavy weight on me. So, I packed up everything that same night, two days later, Adios Louisiana! And the struggle began. I couldn't find a job in my major. I got rid of all my resume tapes, because in Broadcast journalism you have to create reporter packages on tape, as your resume. So, I ended up working jobs outside my major. Can you say LIFELESS. Working, doing something I knew I didn't have a passion for, trying to understand, Lord, why in the world did I move back home. I struggled with depression, because I wanted to make good money, I wanted independence, not depending on my family to always help me, yet couldn't seem to figure out how to obtain.

In addition to my own personal struggles, I had the honor of experiencing my TWO brothers' journeys as Major League baseball players. Living their dreams, experiencing what it feels like to be millionaires. I was an EXTREMELY proud and super supportive sister, however, as I relished in their joyous moments, i was DYING on the inside. I was screaming and hurt within, because I felt like God forgot all about me. There was so much pressure on me. I was living in others shadows. People did for me, liked me, helped me, on the account of who my brothers were. They weren't really interested in what I had to offer. My mom, who's a Pastor, would always tell a testimony of how God told her in prayer, when we were little kids, that he would bless ALL three of her kids, but it use to kill me on the inside, I was ashamed, because I wasn't seeing how or where God was blessing me. This journey was full of highs and lows, but one thing I can say, I DIDN'T GIVE UP! I always knew something was great within me, just never could figure out how to tap into it.

Not until January 2015, true soul searching and seeking God with my WHOLE heart, God began to deal with "ME." He unveiled all the hidden truths about who I had become. My flaws, my hindrances, my ugly ways and what was stopping me from being great, were exposed. Romans 8:28 states "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose." See, God's blueprint for our life's journey has already been pre-designed. We don't have to try to do anything, but just BE and walk in God. Does that eliminate struggles, no. But struggles are necessary, as it builds character. It preps us for moments to come, that had we not gone through, we wouldn't be able to handle it. Most importantly, it creates our testimony, for the benefit of others, who will need to hear your story, in order to make.

God had to put me on the potters wheel and mold me. He had to restructure my character, my mindset and my attitude, before he could release me. And he's doing the same for you. Be encourage and purpose-driven.

Kaisha Weeks

Kaisha Weeks, born and raised in Orlando, FL., attended Lake Bentley High School, then furthered her education attending THE Southern University A&M on a full track and field scholarship. Kaisha excelled as a student-athlete. President of WeFam United Inc., a non profit founded by her brother. She's active in the community, as a motivational speaker, empowering young girls and young women on many millennial issues, she's also an advocate for baseball in inner cities, primarily African Americans, through her father's non-profit baseball organization, Orlando Monarchs. She serves as event coordinator for her brothers' annual community baseball camp, "Weeks Brother's Holiday Baseball Camp," gymnastics instructor for young girls and Is acting secretary for God House Ministries, where her mother is pastor. ​She's the sister to two Major League Baseball players and three months ago, was inducted into her University's Sports Hall of Fame for Track and Field.

Kaisha's Social Media:

Instagram | @KaiRoyalty

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Twitter | @KaiRoyalty Website: https://kaisha7.wixsite.com/kaishaweeks

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