• Emi Valerio

Why am i single

Recently, I was asked "why are you single?" Instead of giving him the death stare and the full-out long story. I simply said "the Lord knows what I need now is my maker and not a mate".

It took a while for me to understand my reason for my singleness, but I am glad that I did. You see currently I am single because my heart isn't ready to receive such a blessing. This minor pause is my protection! The lord is allowing me to become whole again in order to be filled with his love. I mean how can I, at this moment, be a partner for someone when I am just becoming acquainted with who I am. It wasn't until recently where I realized my strengths and weaknesses. Although, I have so much growing to do I know that whatever is meant for me will never pass me.

You see the enemy will try to get you to stress about your relationships and whether you will meet that special person. He knows if he can get you to worry about the future, it robs the power of what God wants to do in you today. The power you need is not in what God has done in the past, though you should certainly celebrate that. It is also not in what you hope God will do in the future, though you can have confidence in that. The true power is what God, through Christ, wants you to become in the here and now. The more I started to dwell on the things the lord has yet to provide me, the more I forget about the things in which he has already given. I was forgetting all of the blessing the lord has bestowed upon me and during my singleness I became reacquainted with them.

I finally understand that you can’t control the people who come into your life and how they respond to you, but you can control how you invest in becoming the person God wants you to be. I am currently focusing on me and where the lord wants to take me. Although, this journey has had its ups and downs I wouldn't change it for the world, because I have faith and confidence that what the Lord has promised me is coming.

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