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Updated: Dec 11, 2017

During my ‘single season’ I have felt: lonely, confused, doubtful, and discouraged. In the midst of these feelings, I also imagine the state of brokenness I would still be in had I not been saved by God. After growing closer to God I began to realize that the enemy would do and say anything to distract me from walking with the Lord. You see, the Lord makes no mistakes. I believe that we are sometimes called to be alone to grow into our purpose and faith, within him. My time being single has given me the opportunity to reflect deeply and prepare for the blessings the Lord is about to bestow upon me. I have been training for my Super Saiyan moment! If you are not into anime you are probably wondering what a Super Saiyan is. When I was younger I loved watching Dragon Ball Z. At first I was forced to watch it because my brothers had power over the TV. How could you fight three boys over the remote control?!? Since it was always them three against little ol' me I eventually became a true fan of the show. My favorite part of the show was when one of the main characters, Goku, finally unleashed his power as a ‘Super Saiyan’.

If you are not familiar with Dragon Ball Z, a Super Saiyan is a Saiyan (or person) that has gone beyond their limits through training. The Super Saiyan transformations yields a 50x increase in power with each level. Goku is able to unleash this power, because of the extensive training in which he has undergone. My theory is that: within every step of your singleness you are being prepared for a powerful moment in which you WILL unleash your ultimate power. During your ‘training’ you will learn to increase your inner power of self awareness, empowerment, and acceptance by 50x.

Imagine going into a battle without having the right training or knowledge. When a person is not given the adequate tools to succeed, they tend to fail. While typing this post for you, the scripture that comes to mind is 1 Samuel 17, the battle of David and Goliath. In this scripture, young David is a shepherd who protected sheep from the paws of lions and bears. Due to his 'extensive training' David was confident that he’d be able to slay Goliath. David who is faithful to the lord says to Goliath "All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.” With David's combined training and knowledge of the Lord young David slayed Goliath and saved the day. David knew that someone bigger fought his battles, and this person is God!

I mention these cartoon and biblical stories to say that you might be confused as to why you are single, but have faith that the Lord is with you during this battle. Although you may feel that you are alone, you are not alone! The Lord is in the ring with you waiting for you to go Super Saiyan and unleash the power he continues to build within you. Have faith in the Lord and stand firm in knowing that he is with you.

Be encouraged!

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