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Break Free From Your Ungodly Soul Tie(s)


The thought of my soul being linked to another person, forever, was a tough concept to swallow. I was convinced that once you are done with someone that is it and we would go our separate ways. I discovered the hard way that this is not how it works. To break free from these soul ties I first had to understand what a soul tie is.

A soul tie is the linkage of two people's souls. These soul ties form when you build a strong relationship with a person. This person can be your significant other, admirer, friend, family and/or even strangers. Yes, a stranger can be a soul tie because everyone and anyone you come across can affect your life. I have come to understand that there are two different types of soul ties. The first are Godly Soul Ties, which bless your life and the second are Ungodly Soul Ties, which bring destruction to your life. You probably saw this coming, but just to be more clear, Ungodly Soul Ties enroll you in trusting and listening to them even when they do not have your best interest at heart. People in this Ungodly category will influence you negatively and if you let them, will wreck havoc in your life.

Once I under what a soul tie was, I made the decision to break free from those Ungodly Soul Ties. For too long I chose to keep them around and not let them go. I made this decision consciously and unconsciously, telling myself that I had to be nice, I did not want to hurt people’s feeling, or I could never get around to it. However, one day I came to understand that in order for me to grow as a person, I had to choose differently and so I cut ties with people that I felt were not supporting my growth. I released these Ungodly Soul Ties with three easy and soul searching steps. These steps allowed me to recharge and reconfigure the structure of my life. These easy steps allowed me to break free and I invite you to use them if you, too, are ready to be free!

Three Easy Steps to Break Free From Your Ungodly Soul Tie(s):


First, I began by acknowledging that I had soul ties. I acknowledged that this was a concept that does exist and is very real. I came to terms with the fact that I had allowed Ungodly Soul Ties to sit comfortably in my heart and in doing so did not guard my heart from those who would cause me harm.

Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.


Secondly, I choose to forgive myself and the person who wronged me, whether they did so intentionally or unintentionally. Forgiveness, I have come to learn, is more about me then the other person. By choosing forgiveness I was letting go of internalized anger, hate, and resentment while making space for love, compassion, and trust. Instead of sitting with the hurt, I sat with the lessons that those relationships taught and showed me. This step allowed me to make space for the love the Lord was ready to fill me with.The Lord made me whole through forgiveness.


Lastly, I prayed to the Lord to continue walking with me during this journey of breaking free from any old, current, or future Ungodly Soul Ties. My prayer went as follows:


As I encounter new souls daily, please continue guiding my footsteps and keeping my eyes towards you. Lord, continue walking beside me during this journey and let me not go astray. Father, I put my faith in you to break each of the Ungodly Soul Ties in my life and allow me to be whole in you!

In Jesus name, I PRAY.


I declare today, that the Lord will break YOU free from any Ungodly Soul Tie you are currently choosing to hold onto and is withholding you from real love. Know that this is a process and with any process, it takes time! Remain aware of these tie(s) and continuously guard your heart because my love YOU ARE WORTH IT!

With Love,


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