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Are you ready for love?

While hanging out with my girlfriends they asked me" how did you know you were ready to date again?" After much thought I said to them " You know how I knew?" "how" they exclaimed. I stated "I knew I was ready to date again once I was no longer infatuated with the idea of dating. The moment that dating did not become a necessity I was ready".

In the era of technology, people are poking us on facebook, sliding in our DM's, and swiping left and right on dating sites. Making finding love instant. Since relationship are thrown in our face daily we begin to think that the status of our relationship defines us. In turn, settling for someone just to say "hey world, I am in a relationship accept me".

The moment I became single it was like an amber alert went out and every man 50 miles away knew I was back on the market. Whether it was an old ex or new prospects, these men knew I was an eligible bachelorette and they wanted a rose. As a new single I enjoyed the attention provided by these men. I knew if I wanted to be in a relationship I could because heck, I had an ocean of men to choose from.

Although many of these men were qualified I knew this time around I wanted to do things differently. I knew I wanted to cut ties with my former life which corrupted me through deceitful desires (Ephesians 4:22). I aimed to begin fresh and forgive myself for the wrongdoings of my past. I surrendered my heart to the Lord and enlisted him as my matchmaker.

While working with my matchmaker I became closer to him and vowed to love him with "... all your heart, and with all of your soul, and with all your mind, and with all of your strength" (Mark 12:30). I realized that the extraordinary love in which I wanted would only be found in God. Instead of dating how I did in the past, which was giving my heart for scraps. I saw myself the way the Lord saw me which is a women of worth, value, dignity, and honor. A modern day Proverbs 31 woman!

The moment I realized my worth I protected my heart and realized that not everyone deserves a rose. I surrendered my heart to the Lord for the first time and allowed him to give my one and only rose to one particular man, which I sense is on his way. I have faith that my future spouse will find me through, my matchmaker, the Lord and although I am ready to date I know I don't NEED to because my future spouse is coming. I encourage you sis, be still and wait on the Lord because you do not want to settle for a worldly man, when you could have received your Godly Man!

With Love,


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