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5 Tips To Improve Your Content

I want to let you in on a little secret. You don't have to be the best writer to produce amazing content. Lord knows my writing is not the best, but regardless I have created content daily for the past three years that engages with my audience and keeps them wanting more.

Overtime my writing and content creation has gotten better all because I stay consistent and share my story. Understand that this can be you!

Here are 5 tips I've learned along the way to improve content

1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is a crucial part of the content creation process. When you know exactly who your audience is, you can create content that is relatable and speaks directly to them. Knowing your audience allows you to have a target in place and your words are the arrows. If you use the wrong words, your audience will not relate to you and just find someone else to listen to. When you get clear on your audience and your message your content will hit the bullseye every time because the content you are creating is specific to the person who is reading.

2. Content Calendar

I love love love everything content calendar. You know why? because it takes away the hassle and confusion of what's next. Over the past 6 months I have generated a lot of buzz, which I owe to being organized. Having a content calendar helped me from playing the guessing game with my content. I am now able to stay on track and batch my content monthly as opposed to creating content on the fly. I love creating content so much that I even did a 5 day challenge where I helped others create a 30 day content calendar spread. If this interests you email me at hello@shecommands.com and I will walk you through the process of creating buzzworthy content.

3. Leaders are READERS

This is statement is true!!!!! I have read countless books and have even written my book “Say Yes To YOU” to find my writing voice. I have found that when I write I naturally write how I speak. I am your home girl from the block asking your momma can you come outside to play. I have found that the more you read the better you write. Currently, I am listening to “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” by Dan Pink. Notice how I wrote listening, that is because it is an audiobook. I find that audiobooks take less time as I can listen on the go. It doesn’t matter how you are consuming the material, what matters is that you are consuming to resonate and incorporate in your own writing style.

4. Repurpose your content

When you find a message that works capitalize on it. Take that award winning podcast and turn it into a blog post or infographic. Take that information and find new ways to make it relevant to your audience. You don't have to reinvent the wheel which if you are anything like me leads to feeling burnout. Find ways to breath life into your content so it can resonate with your audience based on their representational system.

5. Experiment

Having a content strategy is a vital part of the success of your content, but also do not be afraid of taking risks. The beauty about content is that content is timeless and your audience is forgiving. You must mix it up sometime and experiment to know if your content will stick. Whether it is a new graphic or a new content format you must be bold and take a chance on your creativity. Just take some time to focus on the numbers to see if your new content contributed to the growth of your business and brands.

Writing amazing content is a choice. You can give your audience amazing value that resonates so you can build an impactful business and brand or give them generic and poor content which will ultimately leave you nowhere. No longer waste your time and energy in creating content that leads you nowhere, use these tips and watch your content convert.

Once you've had the chance to read, I would love to hear from you. Follow me on Instagram @shecommands and tell me how you're looking to improve your content in 2020.

Thank you for showing up and sharing. It's because of individuals like you that fuel me to continue my work. I am so grateful for you and this amazing tribe. So don't forget to join below for weekly tips and inspiration to kickstart your business.

With Love,


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