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3 Tips For Increasing Your VISIBILITY on Instagram

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

When I first began my She Commands page on instagram, I recall only having 1 follower. I remember feeling as if my brand was invisible and unnoticed. You see it is really easy to feel as if no one is noticing your page in a sea filled of other similar pages. All I knew was that I had something to say and I had to increase my visibility. Although I wanted to increase my invisibility I didn't just want anyone to follow, but wanted to attract those who genuinely wanted to follow me.

Here are three tangible and amazing tips I have learned along the way to increase my following and visibility.


Your bio is the first thing someone sees when they check your page. Your bio tells people who you are and what makes you so special. In the beginning I totally didn't take advantage of my bio. I fell into paralysis attempting to create a 120 character bio who showed the world who I am. I wasn't clear of my purpose and over thought my bio which is probably why I only had less than 100 followers for over 6 months.

It wasn't until I realized a great bio will have two things: Show off your brands voice/Identity and prompt your viewers to an action. You want your audience to feel as they are connected to you and have a mundane amount of access to your life. The best way of doing this is by being authentic!


Use appropriate and targeted hashtags. Did you know that people use hashtags to find specific topics? Most importantly did you know that you draw people to your content based on your hashtags? Hashtags are keywords that people use to describe and categorize their content. If used appropriately you will be able to funnel your ideal client to your brand based on the hashtags you use. Hence, why it is important you know who your target is before utilizing hashtags.

Bonus tip: Set aside some time to RESEARCH each hashtag and make sure it’s not too popular or not popular enough (hashtags with 5k-500k is the sweet spot), and make sure that the posts that show up in the search results would compliment yours.


Last but certainly not least tip is to schedule your post for optimized time. Believe it or not scheduling your post ahead of time is easier and saves you the headache. To find the best optimal time here are some steps.

Simply head over to your Instagram app on your phone. From your profile, click on the Insights button. Within those insights you can find helpful information such as account growth and impressions, follower demographics, and when those people are most often logged in and active on Instagram. Schedule your posts for those peak hours.

My followers are from all over the globe, but I have found that an optimal time for them to like my content is a 2 AM EST. As a working NYC girl I can not post at 2 AM all the time but I have found using a scheduling system helps me to do so.


Remember to be flexible and remember to be easy on yourself. Rome was not built in a day. Your online ministry shall grow. Continue to honor God through your brand and your followers will come!

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