If you're ready to move on from your ex, prioritize yourself, and manifest a healthy and committed relationship then this program is for you!

If you're anything like my clients before we started working together, you might have:

✔️ Tried everything – dating apps, therapy, talking to friends, and self-help books, – and yet, you keep attracting men who don't value your time, are not commital, and send "Are you up text?" at 3 am.

✔️ Dimmed your light and put on a facade "pretending to be someone you are not" to get chosen and make yourself more appealing.

✔️Attempted to hide your insecurities to feel lovable (Dying your hair, buying new clothes) all so you can feel more desirable.

✔️Even tried manifesting the perfect relationship...

BUT...what if i told you everything is already within you and just needs to be awakened.

✨ Being able to weed out the frogs and know exactly how to decide who is worth your time
✨ You genuinely love yourself, regain that lost confidence, and are open to love again.
✨ Your ex is now a bore and no longer runs circles in your head.

✨ Your breakup becomes a stepping stone "goodbye past" propelling you forward instead of setting you back. Become the best most magnetizing version of yourself.

✨You can consciously co-parent regardless of how the other parent responds.

Imagine This:

Guess what? This is entirely possible for you.

The clients who get the best results are the ones who are ready to put themselves first. They're ready to change who they are so they can manifest the healthy relationship they desire..

They're ready to move the heck on from their past and release the baggage.


During this 3-month coaching program, our primary focus is healing wounds by addressing the mother-father dynamic. This 90-day one-to-one coaching program is broken down into 3 phases:

A 3-month 1:1 program to help single women to move on from their ex, prioritize themselves and manifest a healthy and committed relationship.

This 3-month program sets the foundation for:

Healthier Relationship with Self: Improved self-connection and understanding.

Emotional Mastery: Overcoming and managing emotions, specifically addressing depression and sadness.

Coping and Self-Security: Coping with emotions through self-regulation and building emotional security.

Generational Healing: Freedom from generational traumas and attachments, leading to improved relationships with parents.

Financial Empowerment: A healthier relationship with money, releasing survival mode and fostering receptivity to abundance.

Hi, I am Coach Emi and the truth is:

What I learned from helping hundreds of women heal after a toxic relationship is that these types of relationships aren't usually your typical breakups.

The difficulty in moving on stems from the damage it does to your self-worth, confidence, and especially self-love.

Unlike a breakup from a relatively healthy relationship, the aftermath of toxicity leaves you with subconscious emotional baggage, negative self-beliefs, and an unregulated nervous system.

After months or years in a toxic relationship, you carry subconscious emotional baggage, fueling trauma bonds, and negative beliefs about yourself, hindering your ability to let go and truly love yourself.

Ever-present energies like abandonment, shame, guilt, and fear, kept in the subconscious, create emotional ties to your ex, leading to obsessive thoughts. Negative beliefs, such as "I'm not good enough" and "no one ever loves me," hinder your healing and self-love journey.

If you've been searching for the missing piece in your healing journey, look no further.

This 3-month coaching program is filled with a science-based approach as well as a spiritual-led approach.

With a MA in Counseling, Masters Practitioner Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Life and Relationship Coaching, and Emotional Freedom Technique, and Certifications in Breathwork and Meditation, I will say that I am qualified to support you through this heartbreak and help you thrive. Heck I even wrote a book about my own breakup wounds and turned it into wisdom helping thousands of women move on from their ex and say yes to the women within.

This 3 Month 1:1 Coaching Program Includes:

9 X 60 min one-to-one Coaching Sessions:

These personalized inner work sessions will allow us to get clear on your love blocks, Identify the negative relationship patterns, and release them from your subconsciousness so you can attract high-value men and live a life filled with confidence and ease

1-to-1 Voxer Support:

These Voxer calls are 24/5 and designed for questions, clarifications, and accountability. I’m here for you! I love it when clients share their victories along the way!

BONUS: The Resource Vault:

This resource vault will have a total of 5 exclusive meditation, EFT, visualization, and/or hypnotherapy audio to better help you attract the love you desire. It will also have worksheets and downloadable resources to implement what you are learning simply and tangibly.

What my clients have to say about working with me

Real customers giving their honest opinions.

“Before working with Emi I was unclear and discouraged about my personal relationships. Emi’s coaching program has helped me to become confident in actively pursuing my goals. Truly have been set free!”

Tanika P.

“ Since working with Emi, she has be a light in my life that has not only unpacked some of the most difficult situations, but has also has helped me make plans to turn my trials and tribulations into triumps.”

Katie M.

"Exceptional! Through my session with Emi, I was able to see past the negative thoughts that were keeping me from abundance and flow and I was able to get to the root of my emotions. Highly recommend her coaching!"

Mindset Shifting:

In this phase you'll learn how to move on and heal from your ex by releasing, limiting beliefs, and love blocks keeping you stuck, playing small, and attracting the wrong kind of men.

Identity Shifting:

 In this phase, you will learn how to make yourself a priority by navigating the way you think, feel, and believe about yourself to be true. We'll create a space to shift your model of reality, so it aligns with the identity of your higher self.

Action Shifting:

 In this phase, you will finally manifest a healthy relationship with a high value man by creating a plan of aligned actions to attract the man of your dreams.

  • What’s included in 3-month coaching program?

    9 X 60 min one-to-one Coaching Sessions

    1-to-1 Voxer Support

    Acces to the Resource Vault Portal which includes 15 exclusive meditations release what is holding you back and to attract the love you desire. Access to worksheets and planners as well!


    Here are the titles of meditations inside the portal:

    -Manifest Your Soulmate

    -Meditation for embodiment, transformation, and renewal

    -Meditation for Self Love

    -Meditation for Inner Child Healing

    -Meditation for Shadow Work

    -EFT Tapping for Letting Go of Past Traumas

  • How does coaching work?

    Coaching involves personalized sessions, goal-setting, and strategies for growth. It's a collaborative process where a coach guides you toward achieving your aspirations and overcoming challenges.

  • How long are coaching sessions?

    Sessions typically last 60 minutes, ensuring ample time for discussion, goal-setting, and personalized guidance. The duration provides a focused and impactful coaching experience.

  • What is the investment?

    This 3-month custom tailored coaching program is $1,500 USD. 


    Inquire to ask about paing in full and/or payment plans.


  • When can I enroll?

    This personalized program is always open for enrollment. Simply apply to see if you're a right fit and my team will get back to you to schedule a time to meet!