In the fall of 2015.. I remember coming home from my soul-sucking job and sitting down in the corner of my apartment and asking myself, where do I go from here?


I looked at my reflection through the window watching the streams of tears flow down my face not knowing exactly how my life took a quick turn for the worst. 


Although at the time I had a job that was paying me close to 80K a year. I was still unhappy and felt a sense of unease consume me every time I walked through my office doors.


What I  now know to be high levels of anxiety and depression. On this day I wiped my tears and decided that something needed to change. 


I knew that I couldn’t continue to exchange my time for a paycheck.


I knew that I no longer could stand around and wait for permission to pursue my dreams.


I knew in this exact moment that I was meant for MORE and the beauty was that I could ask for MORE.

That is when the self-doubt began to kick in. Telling me “I am such a failure” “who do I think I am to do something outside of the box” “I am not worthy” and the kicker to my gut “I am not smart enough” 


I could have tucked my tail in and succumbed myself to these limiting beliefs but instead on this day I began my journey towards my own Sacred Awakening. 

That's why I have created this amazing TRIBE for YOU- the woman who who knows her inner strength but is held back by deeply-rooted trauma and negative beliefs. For the woman who understands that SHE is in fact responsible for her emotions but just needs a little help identifying and controlling them.
Here’s where Sacred Awakening Tribe comes in.

Sacred Awakening Tribe is a hybrid 8-week immersive coaching program that shows you how to step into your power using a set of tools that you can integrate seamlessly into your daily routine to make consistent – and radical – progress toward achieving the life of your dreams.

This is sacred space will give you the opportunity to connect with your highest self, expand consciousness, and reach your untapped potential with a community of women who share similar life experiences.


It’s where you will be given the tools to replace negative emotions and call in abundance by creating a deeper understanding of yourself!


The best part is, you receive access to life changing content from the comfort of your own home, in the way that fits your lifestyle.

This Is For You If:

You’re just starting this self-awareness journey and can’t seem to find the magic blueprint to be fully motivated and enjoying the fruits of your labor!

You’ve ever felt realized that you’re meant for more and keep playing small because fear, shame, and guilt pops up.

You’ve felt stuck, unfulfilled, or unseen. Unable to give back to others without feeling depleted. 

You’ve ever been plagued with anxiety or distractions keeping you from chasing your dreams


You want to change your subconscious mind to your advantage.

It’s time that you slow down and reset so you can receive it!


Well not only do I have over 8 years of experience as a professional counselor, but I also know the struggles of having limiting beliefs and have had the pleasure of overcoming them. 


In this 8 week program you’ll:

Learn the exact proven systems & structure to get clear on your goals and learn the formula for a winning mindset

Learn how to overcome mental blocks and achieve inner healing with my most powerful tools and processes proven to chisel away or dismantle what you have been struggling with for years

Develop sustainable short-term & long-term goals that will help you establish & enjoy your most healthy, happy, and aligned life. 

Let go of people-pleasing habits & start prioritizing yourself without feeling guilty.


Build the confidence to shine your light and be who you truly are without feeling uncomfortable or questioning yourself again

But above all else…..


If you’re looking for the simple and direct way to disrupt your limiting beliefs so you can achieve your goals with ease than Sacred Awakening is for you!

You'll Learn:

This week you'll learn exactly how your brain processes information and how you can create a clear pathway to make your dreams a reality. We’ll also use proven methods to rewire your brain and quantum leap to your success and tap into your consciousness to work on projects that you truly love.   
This week you'll have a deeper understanding of what makes up who you are. This is a pathway journey to the center of yourself by diving into your values, mission, and beliefs. We uncover what you truly want from life so you can confidently go after it. No more wasting time on things that are insignificant. 
This week we'll ditch self-doubt and comparison for good! You will create crystal clear goals for your life and develop a why statement that motivates you to achieve your goals. You will learn my OAR Technique to help you manifest your dreams faster and potently, quantum leaping you to your success! 
This week we’ll create your next level identity and step into the highest version of yourself. The tools provided will help you create anything you desire to have in your life. You will also get my energy-releasing for success meditation so you can feel empowered at any given moment.  
This week we go through a Compelling Visualization Exercise which Manifests Your Ultimate desires! Excited? You should be. After all, you're about to make history, or at the very least, change the future.
This week I’ll teach you how to forgive both your past self and others in order for you to overcome your past stories. You’ll experience true freedom from letting go of deep wounds caused by others or situations. See yourself and life open up and positive experiences start flowing in because of the beautiful precious space you have freed up.
This week you’ll learn how to stay present and grounded through in-depth meditation and tapping techniques and breath-work. You’ll learn the importance of understanding boundaries and how to rewrite emotional neglect or abuse stories we have learned.
The struggle ends when gratitude begins. You’ll learn to view your life in a new light by assessing all of the wonderful things you currently have. We’ll develop and cultivate healthy daily self-care rituals & routines so you can live with intention and manifest daily a life that brings you joy.

Meet Your Sacred Guide

Hey, I’m Emi!


I’m a certified Master life and success coach, NLP, hypnosis, and EFT practitioner on a mission to help ambitious women disrupt their limiting beliefs so they can crush their goals and build their legacy. 

I created Sacred Awakening Tribe because I’ve always been the type of person to have bigger than life goals but allowed my mind to be trapped by shame, self-doubt, and fear that I convinced myself that my dreams were unrealistic.


When I finally decided that enough was enough and that I get to choose happiness daily is when everything finally clicked. Because of this commitment to self... I’ve had the opportunity to: 

Write and publish my amazing book “Say Yes to You”. Which was featured by the Huffington Post


Be invited to speak on top of countless stages to help empower and elevate women.

Quit my job and reconnect with the love of my life in Georgia

Receive the NY Citation of Merit award for my community activism 

And live a life filled with love, abundance, and simplicity!

I don't just coach... I do the deep inner work and practice myself so I can lead by example and share from a place of personal experience and growth.


I am on a mission to help women reprogram their minds from what society expects from them to courageously do whatever is best for themselves. 

No longer check off society's list for what makes a successful woman, just simply start waking up every morning making it your best ever!

I want to help YOU achieve the same!

What's Included:



What is Sacred Awakening Tribe?

Sacred Awakening Tribe integrates traditional life coaching tools & techniques with deeper inner processes to help you overcome limiting blocks, achieving goals, and outstanding results, often in a shorter amount of time. This is a hybrid setting where clients recive both group and individual services to explore or enhance their personal development and integrate it more fully into their everyday lives so they are living a full and balanced life. My philosophy is that you all ready have the answers to succeed and therefore I, as your guide, help you find your own path and direction, and to find the answers to your soul questions & life journey within themselves. I not only affrim you but hold you accountable so that you put into action to achieve your life goals and dreams. The difference between therapy and coaching is therapy focuses on past, traumatic issues and coaching is more focused on the present and moving you forward. It gives you tangible tools to overcome blocks, limiting beliefs and reshape unhealthy patterns and behaviors; and is results-oriented. Coaching is proven to help people achieve results dramatically faster than those who choose to undergo this process alone.

Who is this program for?

This coaching program is perfect for women who has been doing the work for a while on their own or seek professional support in the past but are just not getting the results they want. The most popular topics I coach my clients around are life purpose, finding love, relationships, money blocks, and self-esteem.

I am excited, how do I get started?

Great! If you are ready to get the ball rolling then I suggest booking an Introductory Session to ensure Sacred Awakening Tribe is the right fit for you. On this call, you will receive coaching on one area in your life, receive a recommendation on which package is best based on your needs, pricing and I will answer any other questions you may have. Once we agree on which package works best for you, you will receive an invoice, schedule your first session and receive your welcome package and bonus upon payment received, then it’s official, get ready to start living your light!

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