Course Creator LAB is an 8 week coaching program that gives you the tools, systems, strategy and support you need to build a wildly successful online course that generates income as you sleep. 

No more daydreaming.

No more confussion on how to get infront of your audience to gain expertiese statuse.

Course Creator LAB has everything you need to design, develop, and run your own profitable course.

Whether you are starting from ground zero or you have a course that you want to scale to 5-10k/months, Course Creator LAB is for you!

Are you ready to reach I wider audience, increase in income, and position yourself as an expert in your Niche?


Everybody seems to want to create an online course today. Business owners, coaches, bloggers, entrepreneurs, service providers, infoproduct sellers, bricks and mortar businesses.... you name it. But no matter how much they'd like to create a signature course, aspiring course builders often get stuck with the the idea in their head, and nothing to show for it.  

That's because creating a good online course that people will benefit from and buy involves a lot more than just slapping together a few videos. You see any one can sell you an online course but if the course itself isn't high quality and doesn't deliver results, then your reputation could suffer in the end.

So, where do you start?

Well with Course Creator LAB ofcourse!

In  Course Creators LAB You Will:

Launch your course that will make you stand out online as the go-to Coach in your niche (even if you’re just starting out as a new coach).

Create a value-packed online training program that will generate Passive Income that your ideal client is going to love and sell out with grace and ease through automated business systems.

Implement the proven Marketing + Sales Systems that will bring you quality leads on autopilot 24/7 without spending every night and weekend on your laptop.

Grow your income and following with your authentic marketing message and gorgeous coaching brand to attract premium clients that will love the transformation you provide.

Become part of a high vibe community of amazing women who will be there to support you and create life-long friendships and allies in business.

Module 1 - Choose Your Course Topic

In Module 1, you’ll learn a variety of ways to research your market and get to know what struggles your audience to find solutions for their specific problems. Once you have that information, you will choose a topic for your course and the solution you'll offer.

Module 2 - Outline Your Course Design

In Module 2, you'll learn how to outline a clear, logical design for your course. You'll create a course outline that will include all the key elements needed for an effective and engaging learning experience - one that ensures results!

Module 3 - Create Effective and Engaging Content for Your Course

In Module 3, you’ll learn how to actually create and present content in a way that makes your online course interesting and engaging, so that you can maximize your students' learning and motivation.

Module 4 - Plan and Prepare Your Course Delivery

In Module 4, you'll learn how to choose an appropriate delivery platform, set your prices, options for collecting payments, and schedule a course that is ready to be delivered.   

Module 5 - Run an Engaging, Results-Focused Course

In Module 5, you’ll learn top tips for running an effective and engaging online course, so that your students interact, get greater insights, relate directly to the content, get the most out of their learning, and actually implement what they learn. 

Module 6 - Follow Up With Customers

In Module 6, you'll learn how to measure your course results and gather constructive feedback, so you can continue to develop and improve their course, and ultimately make more sales. 

Module 7 - Get Ready to Market Your Course   

In Module 7, we will review what’s happened to date, so you're in a powerful place to move forward.

Module 8 - Build Your High-Converting Course Sales Page 

In Module 8, you'll learn the elements of a high-converting sales page, so you can design your  own for their online course.

Module 9 - Start With Your Easiest Sales    

In Module 9, you'll reach out to existing customers or ideal client you'll  know will be interested in their course, so you can make some immediate sales. 

Module 10 - Use Proven Tactics to Increase Sales  

In Module 10, you'll learn how to establish a sales methods to ramp up conversions, so you can decide which tactics will work best for selling your online course.

Module 11 - Create Your Course Sales Funnel    

In Module 11, you'll learn how to design a course sales funnel to bring in leads, and you'll also learn a proven timeframe for all the key tasks you'll need to complete for converting those leads into sales.

Module 12 - Fill Your Course Funnel  

In Module 12, you'll learn how to create content for each stage of your course funnel, so it logically leads people from the top to the bottom, where they’re ready to pay to enroll.

Module 13 - Maximize Conversions with a Webinar

In Module 13, you'll learn how to set targets for your pre-launch webinar and plan out the content for the webinar itself, so that it converts the maximum number of attendees to paying customers.

Module 14 - Write Your Launch Emails

In Module 14, you'll learn how to plan the key email sequences you’ll need to nurture relationships with leads, build excitement for your launch, and increase sales during the launch itself.

Module 15 - Using Ads to Attract Leads   

In Module 15, you'll learn how to research different forms of paid advertising and making the decision if it’s paid advertisment is best for your course.

Module 16 - Partners + Affiliates

In Module 16, you'll learn how to go about finding suitable people to promote their course for them once they're ready.

Module 17 - Sell Your Course on Autopilot

In Module 17, you'll learn how to set up an evergreen launch and the different elements involved in automating your course marketing.

Module 18 - Celebration! 

In Module 18, you’ll showcase your course and decide on the metrics you need in place to track the progress of your course sales and consider the reasons things can go wrong. I'll also recap what you have learned and present final action planning. 


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