In case we have yet to meet, I am Emi, a Business Mindset Coach for female entrepreneurs ready to ditch their limiting beliefs and unleash their Inner CEO so they can create an abundant life and business!
& I'm on a mission to change the world, one female entrepreneur at a time.
My journey hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows...
There was a time in my journey where I could vividly remember being frustrated and struggling in my business. I mean everything that could go wrong in business I felt did.
I was signing up to every "how-to video" and "5 things training" to increase my expertise only to realize everything that was being said was everything I've already knew. 
I was spending the majority of my time speaking with clients that either wasn't a perfect fit or just never even bothered to make the discovery call, talk about stressed all because I thought that's what I had to do to hit $10k months & be "successful".
Sure, I booked clients.
Sure, I was my own boss...
but I still was unhappy. I wasn't feeling what I thought I would feel.
I had allowed myself to get to a place where my business was burning me out and I had lost all control.
So I searched deep in my core and realized that if I wanted to be happy somethings had to change. I reevaluated my business model, my clients, my calendar, my energy...EVERYTHING!
And most importantly I decided to do business my way and unleashed my INNER CEO!
Nowadays, business has increased in clients, sales, and flow!
Not because any guru, but because I made it that way
I'm talking...
  • Client's who actually show up to speak with me on a call because they know without a doubt I'm the perfect coach for them
  • Seeing my income grow every single month
  • Cutting my workload in half and having more time to do the things I truly enjoy
And if I can turn my business around queen, then you can too.
Scroll down to grab The Complete Entrepreneurs Checklist for boss babes!

(it's literally my personal checklist that helped me get to where I am... and be continuously growing!)

Steal the exact same system I used in my business to leave my 9-5, confidently attract clients, and create more abundance whilst working 20 hours or less in my business.

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